Rules of the Game

Start and End of Match

Play is started by the one team chosen by the referee to kicking off from the centre shot. The other team will restart the game for the second half in the same way.

Game duration is 13 minutes each way.
Each team is allowed a squad of 9 players on a match night which will include 3 subs.


The Referee has the right to ban any players from the league for foul or abusive language, violent conduct or any other disciplinary matter. A ban can range from 1 match to life time. The referee has the right to sinbin any player during the game. The duration is at the referee/league managers’ discretion.

Guest players
A team is allowed no more than two guest players per match and all guest players should be agreed before kick-off with the opposing captain and the referee. Teams can only have guess players if have less than 6 players.
The referee reserves the right to refuse or accept guest players if, in his opinion, the outcome of the match would be considerably altered.
If a team uses a guest player, that team is still liable to pay their full match fee.

 In the event of a penalty being awarded, time shall be added at the end of either half.
The penalty taker is allowed no more than one step before striking the ball to be taken 1 yard out from the D.
The keeper must remain on his line and not move until the ball is struck.
It is the responsibility of teams to clarify to the referee who is taking the penalty kick. Teams will be penalised and the penalty disallowed if the referee feels the goalkeeper was placed at a disadvantage by the opposing teams not making it clear who was taking the penalty kick.  In the absence of a penalty spot being visible, the penalty kick shall be taken 1 yard back from the edge of the area.

The Goalkeeper/The Area

After a goal is scored, the goalkeeper will restart the game.

The goalkeeper must not leave his area. A penalty will be giving if this happens.

The referee shall take into account the conditions of the surface if the GK slides outside the area when making a save.
The goalkeeper can either roll the ball out with an underarm action or kick the ball out. An indirect free kick shall be awarded if either GK throws the ball in any other action than under arm. The indirect free kick will be taken 2 yards away from the penalty area.

If a team makes a change of goalkeeper during the match then the referee must be notified before the change is made.

No player shall be penalised if, through no fault of their own, they enter the area when they have made a reasonable attempt not to enter the area. This particularly applies to attacking players who may push defending players into the area.

Players, who run through the area and in doing so gain an advantage, will be penalised.

Back-pass rule

When an outfield player receives the ball from the goalkeeper, the ball must be touched by another player before being passed back to the goalkeeper. This is punishable with a Penalty

Outfield players may not play either in jeans or shoes. Caps are not to be worn by outfield players.
Teams need to wear their team colours. If the team are not wearing the same colour the referee will give out bibs. Players may not play without a shirt on.

Teams are allowed three substitutes who must stand off the playing area. More than one substitution is allowed at any one time however, if there are more than the allotted players on court at any one time the teams shall be penalised.
Substitutes can only enter play when their team is in an attacking position in the oppositions half.
Substitutes can be used as often and whenever the team wishes.
Substitutes are not allowed onto the playing area until the substitutes player has left.
Substitutes need to stand off the pitch near the half way line.

Free Kicks, Kick ins & Corners

All free kicks, kick ins and corners are indirect.
On all free kicks, players should be two yards from the ball. When a free kick is on the edge of the area, the ball should be played two yards back.
If a player refuses to retreat two yards from the free kick or, as the free kick is being taken extends any part of his body towards the ball which means that he is no longer two yards from the free kick then he shall be penalised. The ball should be stationary before the free kick is taken.

The Two Yard Rule/sinbin

If a player fails to retreat two yards or, the ball hits a player from the free kick who has not retreated two yards, or who has extended his leg towards the ball meaning that he is no longer two yards from the ball, then the referee shall move play forward two yards and allow the kick to be taken again.
Players that show dissent towards the referee or his decision at a free kick, will result in the kick being moved forward two yards.
The referee may move the kick forward at two yard intervals, however many times he wishes.
If by moving the ball forward two yards, the free kick then becomes within the area of the defending side, a penalty shall be awarded. The referee can sin bin any player he thinks is ruining the game/Constant fouling/ unsporting behaviour. The duration of the sinbin is at the referee’s discretion.

General Rules
The referee will be the sole judge of whether a tackle is dangerous or not in the best interests of the spirit of the game.

No Slide tackles are allowed. No Sliding to block shots from any outfield players
Teams must not alter or move equipment to gain an advantage.
Teams who arrive late for their kick off time may be subject to forfeiture of the match.
Hornsea School from do not take any responsibility for personal injury or lost property whilst participating in the organised leagues. Teams are responsible for arranging their own personal insurance cover.
If teams wish to cancel a match, they automatically lose 5-0 and their opponents will play a friendly arranged by HSLC.
If a team fails to turn up for a scheduled fixture without giving HSLC 1 days’ notice, they lose the fixture 5-0 and will be charged the full match fee for the missed game.

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