The HPS Fixtures 

HPS Fixtures 

Date/ TimeTeam namescore-Team NameScore
12th SEPT 18:30Pique Blinders2vsBKE1
12th SEPT 19:00Bants10vs24hr Party People5
12th SEPT 19:30Milky Cannons8vsWe Lose Every Week1
26th SEPT 18:3024hr Party People5vsPique Blinders0
26th SEPT 19:00We Lose Every Week2vsBKE3
26th SEPT 19:30Bants3vsMilky Cannons4
3rd OCT 18:30Bants3vsBKE1
3rd OCT 19:00Milky Cannons6vs24 hr Party People1
3rd OCT 19:30Pique Blinders0vsWe Lose Every Week5
10th OCT 18:30Bants5vsPique Blinder0
10th OCT 19:0024 hr Party People0vsWe Lose Every Week5
10th OCT 19:30Milky Cannons3vsBKE4
17th OCT 18:30Bants4vsWe Lose Every Week1
17th OCT 19:00BKE4vs24 hr Party People1
17th OCT 19:30Not in Mums Forest1vsMilky Cannons9
24th OCT 18:30Bants5vs24 hr party People0
24th OCT 19:00Milky Cannons5vsWe Lose Every Week0
24th OCT 19:30BKE5vsNot In Mums Forest1
31st OCT 18:30Bants3vsMilky Cannons4
31st OCT 19:0024 hr Party People7vsNot In Mums Forest2
31st OCT 19:30We Lose Every Week0vsBKE5
7th NOV 18:3024 hr Party People2vsWe Lose Every Week1
7th NOV 19:00Bants5vsNot in Mums Forest1
7th NOV 19:30Miky CannonsPvsBKEP
14th NOV 18:30BKE0vsBants5
14th NOV 19:00Milky Cannons5vs24 hr Party People2
14th NOV 19:30BKE0vsMilky Cannons5
14th NOV 20:00Not in Mums Forest4vsWe Lose Every Week3
28th NOV 18:30Bants8vsWe Lose Every Week1
28th NOV 19:00Milky Cannons10vsNot in Mums Forest2
28th NOV 19:30BKE0vs24 hr Party People5
5th DEC 18:30Bants0vs24 hr Party People0
5th DEC 19:00Milky Cannons0vsWe Lose Every Week0
5th Dec 19:30BKE0vsNot in Mums Forest5

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